A Guide to Laying Sod in Your Compound

22 Aug

Having a backyard or a compound that is neat and clean at all times is a dream of all homeowners. The neat and a beautiful compound bring in the relaxation feeling to homeowners and the people visiting the home. Thus many homeowners try to find the best ways of keeping the compound in good shape. Other get landscapers to plant flowers all over the compound while others prefer installing sod. Laying sod is the preferred most option as it gives one a place to lie down and also it gives room for one to host outside parties and other events.  You can find out more here on sod installation.

Laying of sod needs one to first have the sod measurements in mind. Take a tape measure and get to measure the landscape. Make sure that you consider the flower bed area and the walking paths when getting the measurements, the paths are necessary as one will be able to prune the flowers and also walking from one end to the other. One can ask the pod supplier if one is not sure about the measuring process. Once you are done with the measurements the other next thing to work on is the soil preparation. One needs to make sure that the soil is arable because the roots of the sod need to penetrate the soil so that the sod can grow and also to be firm. 

The ground should be free of stones to help the sod to grow easily. Remove all the debris and the stones and put aside all the stones. Once the stones are out you need to grade the ground to make sure that soil is on the same level, this helps in making sure that the sod will be of the same size when installed and it will be easy to manage the same size even after installation. You can use a rake to grade the soil or sod roller if your compound is large. Click on this link for more details: http://www.soddepotoftampabay.com.

After grading the soil you can go ahead and purchase the sod from a reliable sod supplier, the sod supplier is the one that can deliver the sod at you’re your doorstep. Once convinced the sod is of high quality you can go ahead and lay it over the prepared area in your compound. Start at the edges where flowers are or where the house is built. Make sure that you don’t line up the sod when laying down to avoid lines when the sods start to  grows. Click on this link for more details: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/5-tricks-for-spinning-sod_b_7010132.

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